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Sunday, April 17, 2011


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Winter Korea Trip 2010/2011] Day 13: Namsan Park & Myeongdong Part 2

As our planned itinerary for the day was not as hectic as our previous days’, we could afford to have a longer rest time than usual. Besides, a little more sleep would go a long way in recharging our energy levels after our episode of exhilarating but physically-exhausting experience at Vivaldi Park Ski Resort the day before.

For today, our aim is to conquer Seoul's Iconic Namsan Park that sits on top of Namsan Hill (Duh!), after-which we would continue our exploration of Myeongdong.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Coverage] TOUCH Performance for Men's Fashion Week Asia 2011

2nd April 2011 - Despite being relatively new to the K-Pop industry, 7-men rookie boy-band TOUCH (5 were present) were able to prove with their sleek dance movements and vocals that there were more than ready for the industry at the Men's Fashion Week Asia 2011 (MFWAsia). Performing for the after-party at the MFWAsia, Touch brought the house down with 3 of their latest songs, Killin' Me, Today and Me that kept both fans and attendees from the last fashion show that were present entertained! With their strong stage charisma and catchy music tunes, I am sure we will get to hear more of them in the near future!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Upcoming] “THE BEST” 2011 Rain Asia Tour (Singapore)

THE BEST 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore

“THE BEST” 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore

Date: 22nd May 2011, Sunday
Time: 7PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Duration: To be updated
Price: To be updated
Organiser: Faith & D Entertainment

Now, who doesn't know Rain (비)? Well, he's back! Having performed in Singapore for his world tour 4 years back, the Fugitive Plan B actor is now back for another concert! This time, he will hold the “THE BEST” Asia Tour Concert in various countries including Singapore.

Tickets for The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore
Ticket price: ; $288, $268, $238, $168 and $118

Priority Sale: Friday, 29 April at 3 PM till Monday, 2 May at 11:59 PM

Public Sale: Tuesday, 3 May 2011 at 12 AM

[Upcoming] Korean Music Wave 2011 Singapore

Korean Music Wave 2011, Singapore

Artists: BIG BANG, 2NE1, Teen Top, FT Island, Girl's Day, The Boss, X-5 3 other bands/groups to be revealed
Date: 15th July 2011
Time: To be updated
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Duration: To be updated
Price: To be updated
Organiser: Proof Label

Korean Music Wave 2011 has been confirmed with BIG BANG and 2NE1 as the headline of the concert. Together with them are Teen Top, FT Island, Girl's Day, The Boss, X-5 and 3 other bands/groups yet to be revealed! More information and details to be released at a later date! So stay tuned!


Tickets will be sold via SISTIC. We will update again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Upcoming] K-Pop Heal The World Concert

KPOP HEAL THE WORLD featuring T-ara, MBLAQ and T-MAX!

K-Pop Heal The World

Artists: T-ara, T-MAX, MBLAQ, O SCHOOL, Dharni
Date: 4th June 2011
Time: 6PM (tentatively)
Venue: Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo
Duration: Approx. 5 hours
Price: $228, $178, $118 (for Cat 1 bulk orders, read here)
Organiser: K-Pop Asia

On the 4th of June each K-Pop group will be performing a full 5-6 songs.

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Great news for T-ara, T-MAX, and MBLAQ fans! The three groups will be heading to Singapore this mid-year! T-MAX would be familiar to those whom had caught their performance at the Sundown Festival two years ago. MBLAQ will also be familiar to Singapore K-Pop fans because they just came in December for the Mnet Ultimate Live concert! 7-member girl group T-ara will be performing for the first time in Singapore! Singapore's talents will also be present, with dance crew O SCHOOL, and beatbox sensation Dharni! Also, you can stand a chance to meet the three K-Pop groups!

Friday, March 25, 2011

[Winter Korea Trip 2010/2011] Day 12: Vivaldi Park Skiing & Myeongdong Part 1

Remember the day J brought us to Vivaldi Park near his hometown of Yangdeokwon to have a sneak-peak at its skiing-facilities? Well, this would be the day we returned to spend an entire afternoon Skiing! For those clueless as to what I have just mentioned, I was referring to our experience from Day 6.

Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World is one of several ski-resorts that South Korea has to offer. Instead of visiting the highly-commercialized Yongpyong Ski-resort mainly for tourists, we decided to go for a more local feel and experience at Vivaldi Park. Located within the mountains of Gangwon-do, it is about a 2-hour drive from Seoul. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

SE7EN for Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011

The highly anticipated Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) is back! Previously, the event attracted a 12,000-strong crowd in 2010. This year's SEA 2011 celebration concert will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the first time! Last year, Korean boy group SHINee graced the stage with their hit songs.

SE7EN came to Singapore recently for his "Digital Bounce" showcase and a Meet & Greet at IMM. This time, he is back again! The Korean singer will perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with other artists such as Kit Chan, Namcha (Thailand), dayDream (Malaysia) and many more!

This year's SEA 2011 Celebration Concert will also be telecasted "LIVE" on one of Starhub Cable TV’s channel E-City after the event at a later date.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Coverage] Park Shin Hye at Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show

10th March 2011 - Salvatore Ferragamo had the attention of many when it launched its highly anticipated 2011 Spring/Summer Collection with a glamorous runway show at the Paragon Atrium. In all glitz and glamour, special guests and members of the media were invited to grace this significant event from within the tastefully decorated exclusive premise. The general public could still catch a glimpse of the impressive show only from a bird's eye view up at the 3rd floor of the mall, as ambient translucent drop-curtains doubled-up as screens obscured most of the view from the lower levels, cloaking the event for a little privacy.